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Nail Polish Favorites

Welcome to a new post! This one is all about my favorite nail polish colors. I save SO much money doing my own nails at home, so having great quality polishes are super important to me. 
If you're looking for some beautiful colors, keep reading.

Pretty Neutrals
L--->R:  "Don't Bossa Nova Me Around", "Bubble Bath", "Privacy Please", "Ballet Slippers", "Minimalistic", "Lady Like"
Pinks & Plums
L--->R: "Stay Classy", "Fun in the Gondala", "Eternal Optimist", "Feminine", "OPI by Popular Vote", "I'm Not Really A  Waitress"

Darker Tones
L--->R:  ""Ta-Ta!", "Under My Plum", "Spare Me a French Quarter?", "Coalmates", "That Moment"

Sparkles and Glitter!
L--->R:  "Champagne Gloss Glitter" and "Rose 3D Glitter"
Thank you for reading!

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